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Plant-Bird Database - What Plant for Which Bird?

FINALLY! A simple tool to determine what plants provide resources for which birds! By selecting the bird species or plant species from the lists below, you will be able to target specific birds and begin creating habitat on your property. While habitat structure and vicinity to natural areas will determine your ultimate success, providing native resources to birds will increase the species diversity in your yard (or schoolyard, park, or business campus).

This list contains common bird species and mainly woody plants (trees and shrubs) and highlights cover, fruit, sap and other natural resources provided by plants. More birds and plants will continually be added as well as photographs and species profiles so come back often!

Create a "shopping list" of plants based on the birds you'd like to see and take it to the next native plant sale (see for the latest list) Feeders are great, but for natural resources that sustain birds (and the insects they eat!) throughout the year, plant natives!!

Bird of Interest:
Plant / Tree of Interest:

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"Plants that bear fruit in the summer generally dole their berries out as though by prior agreement, sharing the planting season that each gets its turn and customers are fed from June to August. We don't have to attend to these details. It's like buying groceries once and watching meals prepare themselves for years."

Sara Stein,
Noah's Garden (c) 1993